Guardian, Of the Physical

DSCF8118c_sm.jpgThis being was revealed and wanted a galactic background with a terrestrial-like body and raw innards enshrouded by light. He wears the hat of a guardian that supports ascension. His wise, confident and ancient stature looks both straight at you and up at the stars at the same time, welcoming your focus to transcend and transmute. His neck is like a yoke, meant to unite the physical with the divine.

This particular coming together of visual elements in this image only exist in this small file that remains of him, and cannot be printed. For he came and left quite quickly and wishes to remain in the ethers. (The file got deleted and I started to re-create him again out of all the original pieces, but then those all disappeared too…) This “Guardian, of the Physical” will not become physical for he serves best as a beacon that is always within the light.

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