Hello, I am another version of you!

And for some purposeful reason
I have an energy field
that requires that I inform others
what I am doing before I do it—
In order to follow in this life’s rhyme,
I tell you that, in Truth, I can’t really,
fully, know what I am doing.
However, these pages are where
I share my True self.
The vulnerable self.
My herstory is that:
When I was thinking I was a photo-illustrator or a visual artist,
Or a person just trying to pay my bills,
I was never completely *that*.
The only thing that I know that I am, completely:
Is a Human. With a heart. And with a Soul.
Which all stems from the Light of Creative Consciousness.
I am thoroughly interested in that condition!
And the ways in which it all is a manifestation of our Eternal Nature.
Some of you may resonate, here and there,
with my experience of sensing and inquiry,
and feel a deep sense of connection.
That, to me, is: Achingly, Beautiful.
And, ultimately, is the purpose of these shares.
So, for the sake of all that is Perfect and Achingly Beautiful,
I intimately open up my journey of courting my innerbeing.


dscf6333smaller2_adobe 2.jpg

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