Mythic Throne


This piece is dear to me because “she” came to me at a time when I was very much in the dark. When I had no idea what I was doing and when I didn’t really understand what “I am”. A time when I was still seeking and looking outward and analyzing my circumstances and conditioning. She unfolded out of the darkness, so clear and distinct. She showed herself like a Hindu goddess with splayed out arms, open to receive and to dance and to uplift.

This photo is a snapshot of tree fungi on a fallen birch tree. One would say that the tree was diseased and made sick by the poisonous fungi and its fallen uprooted fate resulted in dead wood.

What she teaches me, is that, there is no death. “Dead” trees hold energy, for there is continued life that surrounds it. Sickness, poison, disease, and darkness are all around, but when we come face to face with it, when dark meets dark, a transformation occurs through mere recognition. It can’t help but transmute into a form of beauty, just by being seen. Just by being acknowledged.

Darkness is the gift. Death is a transition into the light. The death of darkness. If there is a death.

When I brought this metal print into the woods with me, back to the place where I discovered me through her, all she wanted was to be bathed in the light. To be healed. Over and over. And to *be* luminous.

This is the image that has inspired *all* my images that have come after her, because she somehow shows me what’s possible.




IMG_20180712_062430small.jpgOriginal Photo:_DSF2915small.jpg