The Royal Jester



This energy has so much life, vibrancy and exuberance. Wanting to jump out and entertain! The royal jester of sorts. His light-heartedness and license to mock and joke reminds us to not take everything so seriously and literally. Most importantly to question what we think is real and to loosen up the binds of how we define our physicality of apparent form. He wants to set us free with laughter and play. He highlights the folly of 1. our rigidity of “needing to understand”, 2. our expectations of things to be a certain way, and 3. our desire for a sense of stabilized security through defining life in limiting terms. Open up! Entertain possibilities! He says. Our human perceptions are filters, and if we’re always looking at life with the same pair of old glasses, then we are missing the gateway truth that every single particle is alive and has consciousness. In recognizing this, our own consciousness expands. (and life just becomes happier)

This image was found on the surface bark of a tree in my yard. He is part of a much larger network and design, which is posted below.IMG_20190506_145302_bsmall.jpg

Here is original photo:


Torus Field


“From the inside, your heart emanates an extremely powerful toroidal energetic field, and it has actually been scientifically measured to go out as far as 5 miles from your heart.

The heart’s electromagnetic frequency arcs out from the heart and back in the form of a torus field, which is the oldest structure in existence. The torus is said to define the workings of consciousness, such as consciousness having geometry. The energy of this torus is constantly refreshing and influencing itself.

Toroidal energy exists around everything: people, trees, the earth, sun, and Universe. It is the key to everything because your entire life is created by and from this place.” – Reference 1 and 2

Here’s the original photo:


Divine Guidance

DSCF9387b_small.jpgOkay, this image is quite different in appearance than the others. Much digital painting was done on this one, and the light from above was added from another image. But it was revealed in the same way:: Meaning, this, too, is a snapshot of nature (see original photo below) that was mirrored. Can you see the eagle as her neck?

If you scroll down further on this site, there is an artist statement about how these come together and what they mean to me.

Here is original photo:


Tree Spirit 1

IMG_20190506_145302 _b_small.jpg

This vision formed from the surface bark of a tree in my yard. He’s tiny (yet not small at all!). There are so many different expressions from the one tree. This was just one of the first that came out from an entire community of others.

These images are coming together in the digital realm. The co-creator players at work are: 1. nature’s intelligence and vast energetic presence 2. my own love, sensibility and perceptive willingness to connect with that presence, and 3. the interactive, intuitive play that happens on a digital platform in which possibilities are expressed.

I am focusing in on a sliver of an area on the bark, and then mirroring that frame in order to complete the visual of the energy being. It feels to me that this tree spirit is ready to sit down and converse on any subject. The meeting has started! I am also sensing the presence of Ganesha (the elephant deity, regarded as the Lord of Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles) on the top of his head. Which is a reminder that if we come from reverence, then power and strength and protection will follow.

(same original photo as “The Royal Jester”)


Shamanic Dreams

DSCF9383_a.jpgThis image is a double exposure (one frame taken twice, but with slight movement) of some brush. It spoke to me of the Shaman. I am in awe of the reverence that a Shamanic healer has for Mother Earth and ancient ceremony and ritual. They can make the natural elements and innate healing properties of Earth’s gifts come alive with the infinite power of respect. This “Shamanic Dreams” image brings in a memory of dancing around a fire with my fellow tribe family resurrecting the sacredness of life through resonant sound. The shaking of a rattle. Waking up to the power of the Creator.

Here is original photo: