Ascended Masters

From the surface of a rock-- Can you see them? Rocks hold consciousness. And they've been around since the beginning of time. Here's the original photo:

Torus Field

“From the inside, your heart emanates an extremely powerful toroidal energetic field, and it has actually been scientifically measured to go out as far as 5 miles from your heart. The heart’s electromagnetic frequency arcs out from the heart and back in the form of a torus field, which is the oldest structure in existence.... Continue Reading →

Okay, this image is quite different in appearance than the others. Much digital painting was done on this one, and the light from above was added from another image. But it was revealed in the same way:: Meaning, this, too, is a snapshot of nature (see original photo below) that was mirrored. Can you see... Continue Reading →

This vision formed from the surface bark of a tree in my yard. He's tiny (yet not small at all!). There are so many different expressions from the one tree. This was just one of the first that came out from an entire community of others. These images are coming together in the digital realm.... Continue Reading →

This image is a double exposure (one frame taken twice, but with slight movement) of some brush. It spoke to me of the Shaman. I am in awe of the reverence that a Shamanic healer has for Mother Earth and ancient ceremony and ritual. They can make the natural elements and innate healing properties of... Continue Reading →

I found an interesting log today with some intricate groove markings on it and made this image. To me, it looks like a womb and looks as if a transition is happening. I can also see a being in the center. The gentle curves and circles remind me of the female body. The fiery of... Continue Reading →

A New Kind of Warrior

This energetic vision stopped me in my tracks the other day. Here’s the message: "You don’t have to go far in order to go far. You don’t have to fight in order to be victorious. Stop. And the arrows will turn inward. Magnetically drawn to the Heart. Pierced. Found. Let the gifts bleed through the... Continue Reading →

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