Sensing Meditations

In September of 2019, I took a trip to Boulder, Colorado to expand my Astrology studies.

As a closing to an amazing weekend with my Astrology tribe, I had a healing session with Scott Macinnis. I am trained in Reiki myself and I’ve been in this “world of healing” and Spirituality for a while and have seen a lot of people and been exposed to many modalities. Yet no other experience was as powerful as the experience I had with Scott.

The first session was in-person and involved lying on a table while he facilitated a Reiki-like healing. I typically love to go for an energy healing with a goal of dissolving into openness, or just ‘zoning out’. But, in all honesty, my ‘zone out’ still had quite a lot of mental activity and energetic restrictions and walls. In no other energy healing was the actual mental activity and the self-awareness of the restrictions ever addressed. And almost always, I’d come out of a session feeling “Well, I almost got there… I was almost able to block it all out and absorb myself in only the good vibrations.”

But with Scott, he suggested that I track my experience. And vocalize it.

He helped the session along by asking “What are you experiencing now?”, or “What is shifting? Where do you feel it?” Very simple.

At first, I was a bit unsure about how this would bode with my intention to go deep. How can I go deep if my mental activity is being brought along? It feels kind of disruptive? How can I go deep if I’m interacting and talking? Don’t I need to shut some of that down, in order to “go deep”?

However, I caught on real quick to being a happy participant. Quite immediately I realized that the speaking out of my experience, validated it. Which is what my experience had been longing for without my even realizing it. And pretty much with no hesitations, the vocalization then brought my experience to another level.

If there was hesitation, then that hesitation got all the attention, and once it was recognized, it would morph into the next thing. Or not! And if not, then I got to really hang out with hesitation. With awareness. Where do I feel it in my body? What does it feel like? What color is it? Are there words that come with it? What character is behind the hesitation?

There is no wrong way to do “Sensing Meditations”. All feelings, all mental activity, all resistances, are not only welcome, but embraced. There is nothing to turn away from. Nothing to reject.

You can read my synopsis of my very first in-person session with Scott, here:

And, I was so happy at the end of that session for him to say: “This is a practice. And it’s just as effective on the phone.”

Really? Not sure how that will work, I thought. But happy to know, because I live about 2,000 miles away and I leave tomorrow, and I already know this is something I want to experience again.

And so began: My Practice.

Reunited into the deepest, most expansive, creative core of my being. Embraced by the divine support that holds us all. This practice of Presence. This practice of Sensing, feels to be the most authentic expression and connection. The most authentic way to be in relationship. And the highest Truth that I could ever hope to share with others.

What are you sensing now?

The good news is: It’s all within. And you’re having exactly the experience you’re meant to have. You are deficient in nothing. And yet, free to feel deficiency. If that is what shows up. And, with your awareness, see how it changes.

I invite you to explore this Practice. Contact Scott through his website above. In addition to one-on-one sessions, ask about group meditation times.

I welcome you to your experience of right now. The bridge to eternal Beauty wants to unfold from wherever you are.